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James and I met Sunset Sup and Candidate Carmen Chu on the street today, and when I put a word in her ear about reforming the lottery system (so that my daughter's chances of going to one of my top 7 picks in the City are better than 55%) she pointed out that the Board of Supervisors doesn't have ultimate control of that problem.*  The school board does -- so it's pretty vital that we pay attention to those candidates this fall. If you want to know what the current school board candidates think about the school issues, there's a meeting at Lincoln High School on Thursdays at 6:30.

Here's the info, taken from www.planc.org:

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd and Supervisor Carmen Chu invite you to a School Board Candidates Forum, Thursday September 25.

You will have a chance to hear from those running for school board and have the opportunity to ask them questions directly. Information tables will be provided where you can talk further with the candidates and pick up their campaign information

Translation services will be provided and if you would like to bring your kids, we'll provide coloring tools and other fun stuff to play with in the auditorium!

Please join us for what is sure to be an informational evening.

School Board Candidate Forum
Thursday, September 25th
Lincoln High School Auditorium
2162 24th Avenue @ Quintara
6:30-8:30 pm

* To Chu's credit, she said that the Sups have been looking at this problem -- and that they want to find some solution that improves the problem without screwing children in neighborhoods with terrible schools.  So we're all on the same page here, because I don't want those kids hurt, either.  :)


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